Access and use of our Web site, together with the sale and the purchase of products from the site, are governed by the terms and conditions set out below.
By using the site you agree to accept the following terms and conditions. If you do not wish to accept these terms and conditions, you may choose not to use this site or contact us to ask for further information. A contract between Ski Barn and the customer will exist once an order has been accepted, processed, dispatched and received.

Skiing & mountain sports can be hazardous. Ski Barn advises that anyone participating in any of these sports should wear the correct protective equipment. It is the individual’s OWN responsibility to learn and understand the proper techniques associated with safe participation in these activities and to fully accept and assume all risks, damages, injury or death which may result from the use of the items sold, built or repaired by Ski Barn. 

Our Adverts and Web site descriptions, images and colours are subject to change and are for illustrative purposes only. In the event of a particular colour or variation not being available we will make every attempt to find a suitable alternative. Please note that many skis carry different colours/graphics depending on size.
Some of our web pages may use external links. In these cases, we cannot be held responsible for the content of these external sites. Ski Barn does not endorse, warrant, or guarantee the products, services, or information described or offered on these Internet sites. 


Item inventory on is a catalogue of the most commonly present products. The vendor does not guarantee the availability of all products en listed. Product availability shall always be confirmed at the point of sale. Most of the goods on our shop are pre-owned (second-hand) and are likely to have been worn/used at least once. Judging the condition of used parts is subject to interpretation. As such, they may not be in perfect condition, though we will endeavour to accurately describe the condition of all goods on the site.

To order, the customer will select the product/s and satisfactorily fill in and submit the order form. The submitted order form is a request to conclude the purchase contract. The order form also serves as a reservation in regards to the product/s requested.

Product prices are shown under each individual product listing. Before product shipment is made, total price shall be calculated including the product price and any/all applicable fees subject to approval by the customer.

Order cancellation
The customer and the vendor may for any reason cancel the order until the time of order placement confirmation by the vendor. If the vendor cancels the order, the reason thereof shall be provided as to why the order cannot be fulfilled.

In the event that the customer cancels the order after it has been created, the seller reserves the right to compensation for the goods in terms of the costs associated with the preparation of the order and the shipment of the goods. Including fees for PayPal or stripe transactions. 


In the case of product that requires shipping/delivery via email or courier, the vendor shall confirm the shipping/delivery order. The binding order confirmation is an electronic confirmation marked as “final order confirmation” or a similar phone confirmation in lieu of electronic confirmation. At this point the vendor and the customer shall verify the contents of the order, specifically the product type, number price and shipping, and the day of delivery. Upon confirmation of the above, the sale shall be considered concluded and binding. The above article pertains specifically to orders that require shipping and not to product/s picked up in store

Shipping guarantee
Ordered product shall be shipped as fast as possible considering the availability and postal or private courier service capacity. Typically it, is between 1-10 business days from biding order confirmation. In case of product that is out of stock or not available on hand, this period shall be extended, and the customer will be duly notified thereon as soon as possible. Product is considered to be successfully shipped once the postal/courier service has delivered it to the address provided by the customer on the order form.

Method of shipping
Seller guarantees shipping to the address indicated on the order. Shipping fees depend on the method of shipping. The type of shipping will be chosen by the customer, with the current and updated shipping method price list found on in the “my cart” section, or it can be requested from the merchant by submitting a written request.

Payment methods
The customer has several payment methods available. The cost can be paid in full through the e-shop, during in-store pickup, or by submitting the outstanding balance sheet under the correct variable symbol to the vendor ’s account, which shall identify the transaction. Product shipping information always contains all the relevant tax data. Product installation is not included the order confirmation.

Product transfer
The customer is required to inspect the product at the point of transfer. If a defect on the product packaging is detected, the customer shall inspect the condition of the product in the presence of the courier. In case of product damage, a written damage report shall be prepared and verified by the courier.

By signing the shipping confirmation the customer confirms that the product has arrived undamaged. After signing the shipping confirmation, no shipping- related damage shall be accepted negotiable.

If the customer receives a wrong product, he/she shall be required to ship the product back. In that case, he is reimbursed for postage costs, but up to the amount he paid for delivery when ordering.

Vendor/Customer communication
Any other communication between the vendor and the customer will be done exclusively by e-mail using our website platform unless a previous agreement between the two parties has been reached regarding alternative communication methods. 

Compensation upon refusal of product transfer
The vendor shall be entitled to compensation for damages (applicable law § 420 and subs. §§ of the Civil Code ), in the case of a purchase order that has not been cancelled ie. sale contract not terminated, and which the customer has refused to accept upon the courier delivery or refused to pay for upon in-store pickup. By this action, the customer has failed to fulfill his/her legal duty under article III to execute the product transfer as stipulated by the sale contract.

The vendor reserves the right to seek compensation for shipping and delivery of the product to the address entered in the purchase order. Including fees for PayPal or stripe transactions.


Before returning an item to us you must inform us and we will provide you with a return number. Items sent back without a returns number cannot be accepted.
The return shall include the filled in contract termination form, original shipping confirmation and bank account number where the customer wishes to receive the refund.

Packing of parcels must meet the following conditions:

1. Goods to be sent for repair or replacement must be sent in the original packaging using filling material.
2. Every item, even if difficult to pack, needs to be packed strongly.
3. Cartons should be sealed with adhesive tape on each side. If possible, the use of adhesive tape.
4. The envelope containing the consignment note or labels indicating fragile goods, cash on delivery or other special markings must be affixed to the largest area of the parcel.
5. The goods parcel must be packed so that the individual pieces of goods in the parcel do not move.
6. A layer of cushioning material must be placed on the bottom of the box to increase the protection of the goods during transport.
7. The remaining gaps should be filled and another layer of cushioning material is placed on the top.
8. There must be no unevenness or protruding parts on the surface.
9. Long or sharp or pointed parts of the goods must not protrude from the parcels.
10. It is necessary to make optimal use of the space in the box (i.e. fill the free space between the goods and the wall of the box) and to use high-quality, dimensionally suitable packaging material to ensure the protection of the goods.
11. In addition to shrink film, difficult-to-pack goods of special shape must be protected by other packaging material.

We do not accept goods packed in any other way.

You will be required to pay postage when returning your items to us. Please note that postage costs are non-refundable. Products returned must be properly packaged and sent fully pre-paid to our address.  When sending your return please obtain a CERTIFICATE OF POSTAGE from your Courier as you will have to produce it in case of a loss.

Label all returns to 'Ski Barn Returns Department'. You should also include your name, address, daytime telephone number, a copy of all invoice/receipts. With any returns we reserve the right not to refund any item returned not in the condition as sold or after the 30 day period. 

If you think that your item is faulty then please contact us as soon as possible. All items will be inspected by ourselves and often by the Manufacturer before being deemed faulty. Once we are satisfied the goods are faulty, depending on the circumstances they may be repaired, replaced, exchanged or refunded.